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David J. Stocker, Registered Piano Technician
Member Piano Technicians Guild  PTG Website


Fir Tree Piano Tuning & Repair is

David J. Stocker, RPT (Registered Piano Technician)
Member of the Piano Technicians Guild since 1982

Joanne Stocker, Office Manager

We are located near Tumwater, Washington state.

We serve clients in Thurston, Mason, Lewis, Pacific, Pierce, and Grays Harbor counties.

Appraisals and Estimates

By Email

We do not charge for looking at pictures emailed to us.

For a quick idea of what the condition of your piano is;
What your piano is worth;
What you should pay for a piano;
If a piano you are looking to purchase is a good idea;

Send us some pictures.

The best pictures to send are:
1. An overall shot of the entire piano.
2. If upright, lift the lid and get a shot of the serial number so we can look up the manufacturing date.
3. A shot of the high treble hammers, aiming your phone/camera straight down, like this:

You may also send pictures of anything else you think we should see.

In Person

We do charge for a hands-on appraisal/estimate, which may be applied to work done on that piano within six months.

You can schedule a time online here.

Tuning & Basic Services

We would love to tune your piano! 

A normal tuning takes about an hour and a quarter to an hour and a half.
It is not usually necessary to pull it out from the wall, but taking everything off the top will help.
A quiet, heated room is best.

A phone call will get you set up quickly. 360-786-8863 (TUNE)

You can email us: info@firtreepiano.com

You can schedule an appointment online here.

Here are some questions we will ask. If you don’t know, that’s OK.

  • – What kind of piano do you have? Grand or upright? About how big?
  • – About how old is the piano?
  • – When was it last tuned?
  • – Any other problems? Sticky keys, missing notes, etc.
  • – Your contact information, where is the piano?
  • – Name, address, phone numbers, email
  • – Best day and time for your appointment.

Repair & Rebuild

Minor Repairs

Sticky key? Missing part? Pencil fell down in the piano? We can help. Many simple repairs can be done at the same time as a tuning

Major Repairs

A thorough examination of the piano is required to determine the needs of both the piano and the player, as well as the suitability of the instrument. 

Reconditioning is making the piano play its best, only replacing parts when necessary.

Most common with pianos less than seventy years old.

Rebuilding is restoring the piano to like new or better condition, replacing any worn parts.

Most common with pianos over seventy years old.