Appraisals and Estimates

By Email

We do not charge for looking at pictures emailed to us.

For a quick idea of what the condition of your piano is;
What your piano is worth;
What you should pay for a piano;
If a piano you are looking to purchase is a good idea;

Send us some pictures.

The best pictures to send are:
1. An overall shot of the entire piano.
2. If upright, lift the lid and get a shot of the serial number so we can look up the manufacturing date.
3. A shot of the high treble hammers, aiming your phone/camera straight down, like this:

You may also send pictures of anything else you think we should see.

In Person

We do charge for a hands-on appraisal/estimate, which may be applied to work done on that piano within six months.

You can schedule a time online here.